Gua sha is an ancient healing practice that is used worldwide to relieve joint and muscle tension in many musculoskeletal disorders. The Gua Sha tools used at Active Balance Healing are made from natural stone and may be used as part of a treatment regimen with some clients. Gua Sha is used to break up fibrous tissue that accumulate from inactivity, trauma, surgeries, repetitive strain injuries and other health conditions. The tool is applied on superficial areas of the body with some pressure and glides back and forth. The persistent friction breaks down the fibrous tissue within the deep and superficial fascia while also disturbing the tiny capillaries just under the skin. This process facilitates tissue regeneration, increased blood flow, lymph drainage and provides immediate muscle tension relief.

When used in combination with other hands-on healing modalities, patients experience faster pain relief and a shorter recovery time. Gua Sha treatment causes some local capillary damage which may leave bruising and can be somewhat uncomfortable. Nonetheless, patients often confirm that the immediate muscle and joint relief far outweigh this discomfort.