The Center for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH) released an article saying that 1 in 5 Canadians will personally experience mental illness symptoms (anxiety/stress/depression etc.) and addiction in any given year; the statistics did not include the recent stress inducing Covid-19 lockdowns, small businesses closing, and the lack of social interaction. What can you do to relieve your stress and anxiety and lift your mood while on a budget and without additional medications? The answer is you should try ‘still point therapy’ on yourself.

Robert Harris is a renowned Craniosacral therapist, teacher and owner of The Cranial Therapy Centre in downtown Toronto. During his studies with Andrew Still, Robert encountered a pressure point (called ‘slackening spots’) at the back of the skull that when compressed, induces a person into a still-point. The body has an innate system called the Craniosacral rhythm (CSR) that communicates directly with the body’s nervous system. The CRS resembles a wave of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) that flows from the cranium down the spine to the sacrum and back up again. When a still-point is activated by direct touch, whether by self manipulation or induced by a seasoned practitioner, a trancelike state of deep relaxation throughout the body, mind and soul is experienced. Not only is the nervous system fully relaxed but so are the tense and tight muscles throughout the entire body. You can use the pad of one or two fingers to locate two flattened circular spots at the back of your head and apply light pressure on them with the pads of your fingers. You can also clasp your hands on the back of your ear which applies the necessary compression to induce a still point.

Have you noticed that when people get super frustrated or stressed out they clasp their hands behind their heads? It is the body’s instinctive way of relieving stress and providing an immediate release of tension. A still point is a state of calm and immense healing that is induced during a Craniosacral therapy session by an experienced practitioner. Craniosacral therapy sessions are one of the most relaxing and deeply calming modalities that cradle the nervous system and allow complete surrender and multidimensional healing!

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